The Five Virtues  

Gautama Buddha born 623 B.C. said that if Mankind could live following these Five Virtues, we would all live in peace. Those Virtues being: Benevolence, Justice, Fidelity, Wisdom and Politeness. We know the definition of these words, but if rendered into a visual Image, what would they look like?

This was my mission, to take these five words and render them into Marble Images. First I had to find the Stone. A nearby Catholic Church was being refurbished and the Altar was available. Each carved piece has a Cross which I left untouched. The Quartz Crystals embedded in the forehead represent man's awakening to each Virtue. After carving these pieces there was 5 feet of leftover stone. One day a young lady came to me and said she had been asked to carve a piece for a Church nearby and was my left over piece for sale? I gave it to her.


Marble Sculpture Heads